With offices in Zurich, Switzerland, AGK offers its entire infrastructure to its clients for
the defense of their interest in sports governing bodies and international sports courts.
Through Mr. Lorenzo Guerrero, an AGK partner living in Switzerland, we provide our
clients with the possibility of follow up and the management of lawsuits entrusted to us
with promptness and quality, achieving faster and successful results.
In addition, the strategic location of our offices in central Europe allows us to have
direct contact with the international sports bodies and courts, keeping our offices always
updated and connected to the newest international sports guidelines.
For these reasons, we currently defend dozens of athletes who perform in other
countries and who have had their rights disrespected, resulting in the need for bringing
the appropriate measures before FIFA seeking the termination of contracts and claims of
their contractual, labor and economic interests.
Within the International Sports law segment, we highlight the following services:

- Litigation before FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber
- Originating and appeal litigation before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS-CAS)
- Involvement with FIFA’s Player Status Committee for the issuance of temporary
registration of professional
- Consulting for the issuance of international transfer certificates (TMS/ITC) – FIFA
Transfer Matching System; International Transfer Certificates
- Solidarity Mechanism (FIFA)
- Training Compensation (FIFA)
- International transfer of athletes
- Litigation before international sports federations: equestrianism (FEI), athletics
(IAAF), volleyball (FIVB), basketball (FIBA), tennis (ATP), judo (IJF), etc.


- Spanish attorney enrolled in the College of Lawyers of Granada, Spain
- Education: Graduated from the College of Granada (Spain)
- Master’s in “International Sports Law” from the Superior Institute of Law and
Economy (ISDE) of Madrid
- Master’s in Sports Law –Ibero-American Edition – from the University of Lleida
- Responsible for the offices headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland
- Languages: English, Portuguese and French

Photo: Aldo Giovani Kurle and Lorenzo Guerrero at the Court of Arbitration for Sport
(TAS) – Lausanne, Switzerland.

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